Trousers and knitwear are definitely
my style...
I love the ease and comfort...the elegance
and occasionally the glamour of wardrobe is full of them
and for me, the wider the better...
chic and effortless.

Max Azria

Ralph Lauren

I adore this look by Hermes...I'd wear it every day of Summer...
my daughter would say...I do and have done for years!

In an extract from Nancy MacDonell's book
Rebel Chic
she describes how film executives hid Katharine Hepburn's 
trousers in the hope of her abandoning them...
"Her response was to threaten to walk around the lot naked.
Though she only stripped down as far as her silk underwear before stepping
out of her dressing room, she made her point - and 
she got her trousers back!"

Katharine Hepburn


  1. When you think of the old movies, no one wore a pair of trousers like Katharine Hepburn did they? She was wonderful.

    I love trousers, a beautiful pair of well cut trousers or pair of linen trousers (my summer favourite) is always stylish.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment today, have a great week XX

    PS I know I've already commented on your new blog look, but just wanted to say again how lovely it looks.

  2. Oh those white Ralph Lauren ones are for ME!!! Fantastic styles my friend! Anita

  3. These are gorgeous and my style as well...I just need the body and money to make it happen the way I desire it to look. Thanks for the inspiration, Catherine!!

  4. Great photo of Katherine Hepburn.
    I'm a trouser girl myself and love the masculine look.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  5. I can truly relate to you Catherine. I would feel supremely confident and gladly wear any of these, although I'm too small for the ultra wide legs. I actually had a woman I've known for years approach me at a black tie event this Christmas. I was wearing a cocktail dress and she said (rather boldly I thought), these exact words. "Leslie, we were all just saying what great legs you've got and wondering why we never see you in dresses?" I honestly went blank. I felt a bit self maybe I somehow should explain this. It was a awkward moment,(for me, not her) but one that shed a light on my style.

  6. That Ralph Lauren photo! I love it! xo Caroline

  7. Such an icon AND trend setter! Great photos.. I wear them to the office and I love the wide leg!

  8. Nothing sexier than the right pair of trousers! I still love he whole iconic YSL ladies tuxedo look and always get so many compliments when I do that look for evening. I live in South Carolina so linen in Summer is a must! Great images!

  9. I live in trousers (and jeans!) and do like a wider leg in summer. Lovely selection & great quote.

  10. Gorgeous. My style too. I have some old Armanis similar to the ones you feature.


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