I've been very thoughtful today...like all of us there are so many
things I want to do and achieve...
and sometimes I just have to remember...

I'll just keep working hard and enjoy the
quiet reflections...


  1. What a beautiful post, that first image is stunning Catherine.

    I LOVE your new blog layout - I just bought mine from the same people, how funny! I nearly chose this one too, it looks perfect here. The grey is very stylish.

    I could really use some of the kindness & wisdom that I know you always have plenty of where I am concerned....it's a mother/daughter issue :)

    I hope you are well Catherine, you sound pensive XX

  2. The blog design is exquisite....and quiet reflection is necessary for success!

  3. Nice,really fantastic post,Catherine...

    Thank you very much for these wonderful inspiration!

    Like your new design here;the background and header,so lightly and fresh:-)*

    Wish you a very good week,'

  4. Having a moment of reflection is always a good thing. Sometimes we need to have a moment .. even if it's a sad one to regroup and come up with a new plan. I think our society is conditioned to feel no pain and instant success and pleasure. Pain, discomfort, work .. feeling certain emotions.. it's all good :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Catherine.


  5. I can relate to the desire to achieve... that I hear in your words Catherine. Lately I've even been feeling a sense of urgency about some of my ambitions. Good stuff I want to do.
    But I keep staring at your quote and I like the larger message here. The idea that whatever successes we have, the real value is in the journey.
    I like this post. And I also love your new design!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. I need to embrace this. I thought January was going to be a month where I would CHARGE into new adventures and frankly, NOTHING seems to appear on the horizon. But there is a time for everything and now it is time to reflect and rest. Thank you for that reminder Catherine! Anita


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