I always seem to find January a difficult month...the hopes for
the New Year and the memories of the year just gone...
time passing faster and faster seemingly every year.

I head for my mat...

to focus my mind...
a mind free from all disturbance is

I practice for my body and soul...



  1. that was me this morning....and if I can get out of bed tomorrow I'll be back on the mat teacher is in her 70s and I'm the youngest in the class!! They've all been doing it together for over 35 years and talk about their grandchildren...they may be old but they are hardcore, just hanging out with them is uplifting!!

  2. Catherine my dear, dear and gorgeous friend!

    I am so grateful to be here this morning, reading your reminder to me that it is OK that I am on this sort of break, even from my substitute teaching. There comes a time when one must simply enjoy the opportunity to be STILL and to regain our thoughts and strength to go on to the next challenge.

    Yes, let us go beyond our expectations this year. I am finding out however, that some of the EXPECTATIONS I thought were "outside" of me are actually WITHIN ME. Hmmmm....what a life lesson to WRITE ABOUT!

    NAMASTE! Anita

  3. january is hard for me for so many reasons...I really find it hard to exercise when it is cold and not know why that is! I love that you included a C.S.Lewis quote...he is one of my favorites. Thanks for encouraging us to go forward!

  4. Hi Catherine,

    January I find is always a great time for new beginnings, fresh starts and as you mentioned a good time to stop & breathe.

    Happy New Year and have a great week.


  5. Dear Catherine,

    Beautiful post. I have found a new studio I will be trying out this week. This January has started with an explosion of stress and challenges so I am heading to the mat too.
    Thank you my friend.

  6. Ahhh.. that first pose looks like just what I need after a long work day. The focus, the breathing, carefully aligning the body.. I need it and when you mention yoga, I feel the need to grab my mat and go!



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