Grace Coddington's Memoir is fabulous I'm enjoying it so much
I don't want it to end... reading her account
of a photo shoot in 1982 by Bruce Weber with
Talisa Soto and Bruce Hulse
reminded me of this beautiful American model of Puerto Rican descent.

Talisa was discovered by Bruce Weber and in an extract from
Vogue Model she says:

"Bruce was a movie director at heart.  I always felt we were creating
a mini independent film, instead of working on a typical photo shoot.
I will be forever grateful for his huge role in launching my
successful modelling career."

Talisa Soto and Bruce Hulse 1982
Photo: Bruce Weber

Photo: Sante D'Orazio

She gave up modelling in the
late 1980s and took acting lessons...leading her to fame as a Bond girl in
Licence to Kill

Now 45 as beautiful as ever and married to actor Benjamin Bratt...

The models of the 1980s...such 


  1. Good post about her, but now I am going to look for the book! Thanks, Catherine!

  2. Such beauty... These are the most stunning images Catherine... bruce Weber is a favourite of mine.. I must admit... I am just about to start the 'Memoirs'... Can't wait... Happy weekend... xv

  3. lovely. It makes me proud to be a Latina!! HI CATHERINE! Anita

  4. She is absolutely stunning, wow.

    I had no idea she was married to Benjamin Bratt, I used to love him in "NYPD Blue" :)

    Thank you so much for your wise words yesterday, I knew you would make me feel better :) XX

  5. Yes! Such beauty .. gorgeous Catherine. Latin women have that beautiful olive color to their skin. I am very pale and would need to do a lot of spray tanning to achieve the look Lol!


  6. What a lovely she is, Catherine! And that beauty hasn't dimmed one little bit through the years! I can see that now that I've read your review I'll have to pick it up! Thanks for stopping by for INSPIRED, the first Friday post on Ooh La Frou Frou, Catherine ... oh, I'd love to meet you at the Vogue Cafe and a little Ralph Lauren after ... we might never come back! lol xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  7. She is even more beautiful at this age, which is still young.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  8. Oh yes, she is a real beauty.
    I remember her as the Bond girl, but it is so nice to see more natural pictures of her.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x


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