If every present I am lucky enough to open at 
Christmastime is a book I would be very
for me...they are the perfect gift...

I love the smell of books, the memories they evoke and most
of all creating my own library
for me to dip into whenever I wish...

The sweet messages some people like to put in the
book they have given you; something my lovely Dad
use to do...something I have for always...a little piece of him...
a loving message that touches your heart
each time you open the book...
in my world there is nothing lovelier.


Any maybe for
the best 
of all...



  1. This is the second post today I'm reading about the magic of books...I guess there's a message in that. I need to read more! Have a great day and thanks for inspiring!

  2. Hi Catherine,
    How clever is that last image?
    Love the feel and smell of old books - is that weird?
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  3. There is nothing more delicious than some hot chocolate and a book. ANY BOOK that you fancy at the moment. OH how I long for that! I am pleasantly busy however!

    Happy day my dear! Anita

  4. I could not agree more, I sometimes think that I love books more than anything else in the world....talking about inanimate objects of course! They have always been my happy place and I've always been a reader.

    One of my few fears is that I will not get to read all the books that I want to read in my lifetime....there are just too many :)

    Books give me such great pleasure....nothing beats losing yourself in a good book. There are certain books that I keep by my bedside simply because I like having them close.

    I love a good movie but somehow it doesn't come close to a good book.

    I like to think that when you read a really good book, a part of it stays with you...that's how it makes me feel anyway. I can still remember the feelings I had when I read some of my favourite books for the first time.

    The summer before last I can remember sitting on the beach in France and as I read the last page of my book, I cried at the the heat & in the middle of all those people!! Books have such power. And what else makes you bereft when you finish it....I've had times when I didn't want to start reading some thing new because the pull of the book that I'd just finished was still so great, I wanted to stay with it a little longer.

    The last book that made me feel that way was "Birdsong" which I read this've probably read it. He is the most beautiful writer & it is probably the most moving book I've ever read. I felt changed by it actually, it was just so powerful & such an extraordinary story.

    Ahhhh books....I could go on & on!! Lovely post Catherine XX

  5. .. and books make wonderful holiday gifts!!

    My problem is that there is SO much to read for work, and reading all my blog friends posts.. when it's time for bed, I'm exhausted. I usually get a few minutes in before falling asleep. A light read usually works best for me.


  6. Lovely Post Catherine, with some beautiful and inspirational images/quotes. Books....I love them! I get so excited when I find ones that I get to read next. My favorite is going to a bookstore and losing myself for hours on the hunt for new ones. I am still not a digital reader. Books are also great to display at home. :)



  7. What a lovely post Catherine. That's exactly why i can't switch to digital versions. Love the feel of book, love to keep some beside my working desk and on night stand, on a coffee table.
    Some books just hi and by, some remain your friends for life, silent friends to go to.

  8. Wow. This has to be one of my favorite posts that I've stumbled on in a long time, simply for the gorgeous imagery and powerful words. Reading saved my life. It's that simple and one day I will try to explain that in a post. But for now I'll just say that anyone who creates a post like this is my new best friend. Lovely. And for the record I tend to read authors more than titles. I still go back to the classics when in doubt. Right now I'm actually reading Jane Austen's Persuasion, one of her last books I hadn't read yet. Couldn't find Don Quixote in the used bookstore but that's next.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  9. Beautiful Catherine!

    Oh thank you for coming to partake in a twist of the Sugar Plum Fairy; I just cannot be NORMAL! I have to try to find a twist on things! I do appreciate your visit and kind words! ENJOY THE NEW WEEK! Anita


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