I am quite a patient person but the thing I cannot tolerate is
and the worse kind or rudeness to me is being courteous
to those you feel you should be and downright rude
to others...
to me it speaks volumes and I know you shouldn't judge others
but I find this one difficult.

Attitude is everything and the way you speak to people
is so important...

I'm clearly working on the judging;
but I agree with Eeyore...



  1. Difficult never to judge but I agree with you about rudeness ; as someone who takes the Paris Métro everyday, I can say that sometimes I am already tense and tired before even arriving at work because of the deplorable attitude some people have in public transports !

  2. I just began my day with this and it is perfect. I teach high school so I run into rudeness on a daily basis and one of my goals is to teach kids often falls on deaf ears...but hopefully I get through to a few. I love to be kind to someone who is really rude and watch how it disarms them. Great message!

  3. Totally agree Catherine. Rudeness is a horrible trait and not one to be tollerated.I try to live everyday as Eeyore would ! XXXX

  4. Oh so true,
    and I was so fortunate that my Mom raised me to be graceful and courteous to everybody I come in contact with... as they say Be nice always.

  5. Good morning beautiful friend! YES, attitude is everything! I love that movie, the Black Swan; it had inspired me to create a tutu on a stick that finally sold! Anita

  6. Catherine, you are so right.. rudeness is simply inexcusable. And when you are a person that strives to never be rude to another, it seems even more of an affront when someone is rude to you. It speaks volumes about the other person and it's sometimes hard to let it roll off our backs, but what choice do we have but to simply feel sorry for them in that they obviously don't know how to behave like a responsible and caring adult. Manners are so very important, today more than ever.

    On another note, hope your holidays are simply magical, lovely ... thanks so much for stopping by this week ... till next time ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  7. Without a doubt, courtesy and manners goes a long way Catherine. I have to say I'm a big advocate of please and thank you's. It's a lost art these days.

    Thanks for the reminder! XOXO



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