"Fashion is an expression of the times.
Elegance is something else again."
Horst 1984

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is presenting the work of Horst P Horst...I've got my ticket...the exhibition is displaying his best known photographs alongside unpublished exhibited vintage prints...and of course there is a book I will be adding to my collection.

"Horst P Horst created images that transcend fashion and time.
He was a master of light, composition and atmospheric
illusion, who conjured a world of sensual sophistication."
Victoria and Albert Museum

"I like taking photographs, because I like life.
And I love photographing people best of all, because I love humanity."

Isabella Rossellini

6 September 2014 - 4 January 2015


An exciting week...my new cashmere wraps are selling well...lovely feedback from customers and a holiday looming...it's good to take note of when things are going quietly well and all the hard work is
coming to fruition.

A little elegance for fabulous friday from the masters of style...


Louis Vuitton

Armani Prive


Angelo Marani



Yoga is such an important part of my life...it is a passion...my practice allows me to see things through a calmer mind...it is a discipline that I treasure and need...I have a heart that can race through thoughts and feelings and a mind that can worry endlessly....it has taken me many years to get where I am now and I feel I've only just begun to see the beauty and power of this philosophy.

It creates a better life, we refine ourselves... it is a self discovery that can be attained through 
practice, practice and more practice...

Yoga is a light which, once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame. 
B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar Indian Guru and founder of Iyengar yoga died today aged 95 he wrote many books but it is his book Light on Life...the yoga journey to wholeness and inner peace that began my love of yoga.

B.K.S. Iyengar


Just arrived...stunning oversized cashmere wraps in the ever popular oatmeal, above...classic black, delicate pink blush and soft grey...a fabulous luxury item when travelling...just throw over your shoulders for simple elegance...you won't want to be without it!


I love to read about women who are content in their skins and growing older happily...
Jerry Hall in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine is inspiring...her attitude to age is wonderful...

In the past you have spoken out against Botox.
Do you still feel the same way?

I am very against it.  I think it looks silly - people with mean-looking eyebrows! I am 58 that is pretty old, for God's sake.  I look pretty good for my age, and I am enjoying that.  I take pretty good care of my skin.  I clean my face and I use a lotof moisturiser, I put a big old layer on before I go to bed and sleep with it every night.I often go to the health food store and get ones that are made out of honey.  But I smoke,I drink, I like wine, I love suntanning, I drink coffee...I am doing all sorts of things I shouldn't do.

You seem to be in a very good place right now...

Yes, it is really strange.  There is a big revival and interest in older women promoting
products, so I've been having a bit of a revival in my modelling career, which is really interesting.  I think it is to do with people deciding they want to see older women represented, which is very nice.  

Do you feel happier now than in the past?

I do, because I think you feel less stressed at my age.  You are not bothered - everything is water off a duck's back.  It is something that happens with age - I am not bothered about anything. What will happen will happen.

What is your life mantra?

I think I am quite optimistic and I look towards the future.  I think being bitter and angry is very very bad for you. Move on.


I thought it was time for a new look for my blog...I hope you like it...there are still a few more alterations to be made, but I think we're nearly there...getting the right feel for your own blog
is a difficult thing...as it's always evolving and today it seems to be forever changing...maybe we tire to quickly of things...we are told not to keep static to mix things up... new visuals...new content...new creations...maybe I fall into the ever changing trap...a little to often...

I have new stock arriving soon and new designs on the way...all very exciting...I can't wait to show you...in the meantime have a wonderful weekend!



Lillian Bassman's timeless photography is elegant inspiration...
she shot for Harper's Bazaar for more than 15 years until the 1970s...Harper's say:

"...when exasperated by a new breed of 'superstar' model and shifts
in fashion, she gave it all up, throwing out 40 years' worth of negatives.
Mod style and hippie chic didn't appeal to her.  She valued elegance and was
inspired by Old Master paintings and the pure forms of modern dance."

"Her fascination, as she put it, rested in 'long necks' the thrust of the head
in a certain position...she rarely shot in colour, preferring the simple 
contrast of black and white."

"Her greatest achievements, however, came from collaborations with models
such as Evelyn Tripp, in which she created apparently secret, feminine worlds
where women could take pleasure in their own company and linger with
their thoughts...a picture of privacy that even now seems the height of luxury."

I have a photograph by Lillian Bassman in my study and I adore it...you can just
sit and look at it for ages...timeless beauty and elegance.

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