I read something recently which really resonated with me...the happiest people I know are always evaluating and improving themselves.  The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others...

I think we have to make happiness an attitude to life...being happy where we are right now...accepting and making the most of everyday, allowing ourselves to recognise how good things really are...the older I get the more I value the privilege of life...if you want to be happy, then be...


A lovely long bank holiday weekend here for us in the UK and the promise of some sunshine too...no over planning for us just sometime to relax and simply enjoy...the perfect weekend...a few new recipes to try which may or may not be interesting...our weekends always seem to revolve around food and wine and maybe a little shopping tomorrow.  

Here's a little style for the weekend...

Christian Lacroix

Alexis Mabille

Christian Lacroix

Dolce & Gabbana


Vera Wang


I love to read about women who have a positive take on growing older...I thought I'd begin a series on women who inspire me...and I hope they inspire you too. My first lady in the series is 
Cindy Joseph make up artist turned model and now creator of her own cosmetic line 
BOOM by Cindy Joseph...I love her way of being...Cindy is an ageless and amazing 63 year old...

"Women take on a unique beauty every chapter of their lives.
There is a shift that occurs as we age.
One kind of beauty is replaced with another as time goes by.
When we stop hiding and start celebrating and wearing our age proudly,
others recognise our beauty as well."

"I notice that when a woman is taking joy in her life, she is her most
radiant and attractive.  Her beauty has nothing to do with the size of her nose,
the height or the shape of her body.
A woman's beauty is in her ability to experience pleasure."

"I know we live in a youth-focused anti-ageing culture but, let's get real: we are ageing.
I don't care about looking younger, I care about looking beautiful as I age."

"Do what brings you joy and you'll take a natural radiance."

"Early to bed, early to rise, yoga, dancing, jumping rope and walking."

"We grow up in an anti-age society.  A whole society against age.
It is a futile battle.  Pro-age is taking the viewpoint that ageing is something
to be enthusiastic about.  Ageing is simply living. As we continue life we
become more passionate, vital, feeling, thinking creatures with desire,
creativity and intelligence.
We gain value.
You are smarter, wiser, more experienced, have more self knowledge, are more
astute and discriminating.  The list goes on!
There is a lie in our society that after 40 you are a faded version of your former self.
 That is simply not true.  
You cannot becomes less.
We become more.
When we value ourselves society will follow suit."


Maybe it was writing the 'by invitation only' post...I've been a little reflective this week; in a good way...when you just stop and think and see things in their true light and realise just how fortunate you are...things don't always go smoothly and there are always the inevitable difficulties of life to meet...but there is beauty at every corner when you stop to look and grace all around us when you stop and listen...let's venture into the weekend with more than just a little beauty, style and grace...


Dennis Basso

Haider Ackermann


Vera Wang

Alexander McQueen


This month's 'by invitation only' post suggested by the gorgeous Vicki Archer www.vickiarcher.com
is 'what did you imagine you would do when you grew up'...I had many ideas I thought I would like to do when I grew up...from a young girl I wanted to be an olympic runner...I would run everywhere...

from a teenager I knew I wanted to work in fashion...I was obsessed with clothes and fashion magazines... it was at this age I thought I'd like to be the editor of Vogue!

I didn't quite make the dizzy heights of Vogue...throughout my twenties I worked in public relations...it was the 80s and it was an exciting industry to be in...however, if I had my time over again I'd be heading off to the Victoria and Albert Museum and begging to do a voluntary internship with the fashion curator there and absorb it all...that would be my ideal job...looking after and caring for the collections, purchasing new acquisitions...I'd be in heaven...

And here I am now with my own business and I couldn't be happier...I feel blessed to be in this position in my fifties...it's a joy...

Please pop across to Marsha @ http://splenderosa.blogspot.co.uk/ and read the posts from the 'by invitation only' fabulous females...happy reading.


“Yoga is essentially a path to help answer the question “Who am I?”
Through regular physical and mental discipline one is naturally made more sensitive.
We begin to make better choices. Food choices. Thought choices.
Caring for ourselves with more refinement.
Making of our mind and bodies a more positive tool that can better enjoy this life
Eventually this energy expands and spills over to those around us.
Giving us a sense of connection, purpose and meaning.
Over time the highest yoga reveals the ultimate truth about one’s Self and the Universe.”
Cat de Rham

"From contentment results unparalleled happiness."

"Give up wanting what other people have."

"Only try to know who you are. That is enough"
Sri Ramana Maharishi

"Yoga is restraint of the mind stuff."

"The present moment is where life can be found, and if you
don't arrive there, you miss your appointment with life.:
Thich Nhat Hanh



I'm in a celebratory mood...it's been a good week and the icing on the cake our gorgeous daughter is home for the weekend...when you don't see your children as much as you would like to these moments are so precious and a joy...time for a little friday fabulousness...

Marc Jacobs

Giambattisi Valli

Prabal Gurung


Roberto Cavalli

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