Friday, 11 April 2014

Our new temporary home is beginning to feel more like home...
the sun has come out and walks along the river with my dogs are 
fast becoming my favourite thing to do...all is good and I'm 
looking forward to a lovely birthday weekend...a new camera to play with...
birthday supper and life's little pleasures...
simplicity...the simple life...

Paul Smith

Dion Lee

Philip Lim



Monday, 7 April 2014

Photo: Guy Bourdin

It's a way of life for us Brits...rain...which is why as soon as the sun shines
our spirits are lifted...but like the words from the song...

'I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining..."

A few stylish raindrop shots to start the week.



Friday, 4 April 2014

Photo: Paolo Roversi

The weekend is coming...time for a little relaxation and calm...
we need to re-charge our batteries for the week ahead and simply enjoy.
My husband suggested we went camera shopping's my
birthday next an early treat......I have my eyes on a
Leica compact camera...I love my Pentax but it's so heavy and I really
fancy having a camera with me all the time...there are so many
beautiful things to photograph...

One of my favourite fashion photographers is Italian born Paolo Roversi
he says:

“My photography is more subtraction than addition. I always try to take off things. We all have a sort of mask of expression. You say goodbye, you smile, you are scared. I try to take all these masks away and little by little subtract until you have something pure left. A kind of abandon, a kind of absence. It looks like an absence, but in fact when there is this emptiness I think the interior beauty comes out. This is my technique."



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

It's been such a busy time and if there's one thing I know about
myself it is how much I like a routine...for some that is
tedious and boring beyond words...but for is essential
to my happiness...I have missed my yoga mat and my practice...
there are just times when one cannot do it all
and as much as I prioritise does happen...

I mustn't forget to...
close my eyes
breathe deeply
the power of the mind...


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

At last...we're beginning to feel a little's an emotional process
moving...we've found a beautiful home to rent for a couple of years
whilst we knock down our old house and build a new house to sell and
then endeavour to find a plot of land to build a smaller home for us...
but for now, I'm happy to be in our new temporary home and appreciate
 living by the river  and finding new haunts to enjoy.

Time for a little relaxation today and to heed these words...

An ongoing process for me...but I've definitely decided it's faith...


Friday, 7 March 2014

I'm in a bit of a's less than 2-weeks and we shall be moving out
and moving on...yet, I always get a little
melancholy, not in a desolate way more pensive and reflective...I can't say
it's an age thing because I've always been like beginnings are exciting
but they always leave me thoughtful and just a little apprehensive.

Moving out is rather like clearing your mind...what you take with you...
 what you leave behind...I'll ponder on that over the weekend...
it's a sunny one so maybe I'll do my pondering in the garden
and find time for some yoga and of course my endless list of
things to do...



Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Every month as part of
'By Invitation Only'
 a group of international women bloggers
write a post on a chosen subject.

This month's post is what inspires our creativity...
and the simple answer for me is just seeing all that is around us from the
delicate, beauty and hues of springtime to the fashions on the catwalk...
from movies and books...the ballet and theatre...from my yoga practice and long, wonderful chats with your 
oldest and dearest friends...
sadness, happiness and laughter...I think it's about being aware and noticing even the
smallest of things.

I'm not so sure I'd say I am a hugely creative person...I'm no artist, photographer or musician
but I do like to create a home, a small business and happiness...we can all create
a little joy...and what can be better than that...


Please pop across and read my fellow bloggers via the wonderfully
talented Marsha

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