I can't remember a time when I didn't love Chanel...I've worn their perfumes for years; never a fan of Chanel No 5 but years and years ago I wore Chanel No 19...hoping I too could find the allure of the beautiful Yasmin Le Bon who if I remember correctly was 'the face of No 19'...and apparently it's still one of her all time favourite scents.

There is something quintessential about the House of Chanel...pure beauty and perfection...simply stunning creations year after year...enjoy the allure of Chanel...

As much as I would love an outfit from Chanel...I have had to be content with their perfume and make up and always their glasses...I love my new pair, here...maybe one day...

PINK comes the weekend

With the busyness of the last few weeks my time on my mat has been either shortened or not at all...not a happy place for me.  Why is it that when times are busy we fail to do the things that make us feel infinitely better?  As I rolled out my mat this morning...I made a promise to myself to prioritise and my yoga practice has to come first... albeit a little earlier in the morning...I feel like me for the rest of the guilt, no rushing...there is calm and progress; I always get a lot more done, I can see clearly.

My top selling colour this week has been must be thoughts of Spring and I thought for the weekend we'd have a little pink delight...


Nina Ricci

Manish Arora

Lela Rose


Have a wonderful weekend...not forgetting to...

Christophe Josse



The most striking of combinations is black and white; well, for me anyway, nothing looks quite as sharp, dramatic and simply stunning as the black and white are a few of my favourites...


Bouchra Jarrar

Donna Karan

Jil Sander

Victoria Beckham

Stephane Rolland

HAPPY MONDAY...say it with a little black and white...


You know the days when you realise just how lucky you are...well, today has been one of those days.  I dusted off my bicycle this morning loaded up my packed orders and whisked off to the post office...the weather was beautiful; I had spent most of the morning talking to customers and wrapping and packing orders to be sent...I knew the rest of the day had in store a quick coffee and croissant with a friend, a dog walk along the river and back to work; for me the perfect day.

It's good to appreciate those moments when you feel truly blessed and happy and it's always the little things that make you feel that way, isn't it? I think being aware and in the present makes you stronger for the inevitable times when things are not going quite so smoothly and happily...I think cycling brings out the 'child in me'...I do love to ride my bicycle.


This month's 'by invitation only' post is flowers and fashion...two of my most loved home is full of tulips my favourite flower.  I love their squeakiness, their tall, proud elegance...a bunch of tulips wrapped in brown has to been brown a chosen gift for myself and friends; delightful beauty I cannot resist...

My style hasn't really changed since my twenties, I guess, it has just matured, a little...I've always loved a simple elegance...I like layers, coats for spring, wide pants, stripes are my favourite and if we are fortunate to have a warm spring, here in the UK then it's my favoured white linens...I enjoy wearing white, there is a purity and calmness I feel when wearing it...I have more whites in my wardrobe now than ever before...I'm not a fan of floral designs in clothes...all too busy, for me!

My 'go to spring outfits' are always pants, sweaters, blouses, jackets and spring coats and of course a fine cashmere scarf...I adore this look...

Please pop across to Marsha @ and read the posts from the 'by invitation only' fabulous females...happy reading...


Diane Von Furstenberg

I've noticed a lot of beautiful sheer creations online in the shops and feminine, elegant and oh, so are some wonderful designs...the art of style...sheer simplicity...
all in my favourite white.


Emilio Pucci

Many years ago I had trousers just like the Emilio Pucci...oh, if only I still had them...this is still very much my style...sheer simplicity.

Roland Mouret

Anna Demeulemeester



Of all the asanas, the shoulder stand Sarvangasana is my favourite...I do it as part of my practice every day...I wonder if I like it so much because my body needs it.  It is considered to be one of the most beneficial of all asanas...

"It develops feminine qualities of patience and emotional strives for
peace and bodily health.  It affects the entire body...inverted positions use gravity to pull
the blood flow...the areas that most benefit from the increased circulation are
the heart, chest area and throat.
It is soothing to the nervous system, this is a good pose to practice when one is
feeling stressed, irritated or fatigued.  It is also a superior aid to digestion and
elimination, urinary and menstrual problems.
Mentally, sarvangasana /shoulder stand brings to the practitioner peace, strength,
vigour and longevity."

In the rush of today to find moments to get on my mat are becoming more important to never stop learning during your practice and it slowly changes the way we live our life...everyday I am so grateful to have found the grace and wisdom of makes me a better person.

For all yogis whether you are new to the discipline or have been practicing for years...I recommend
Christy Turlington's book Living Yoga...Creating a Life Practice  I first read it many years ago, but it's still one I dip into now and then for her beauty and wisdom.

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